We are so excited to introducing you the Flower Dripper manufactured by CAFEC at Arita (有田町)(a place well-known for producing Arita porcelain which is one of the famous traditional handicrafts of Japan) is now available at LIZ.

By looking at its appearance, you can tell that it is a high quality procelain ware. You can see and feel that the finishing of it is very smooth and shinny, mainly due to the use of mixed clay of the powder of the poterry stone which contains many feldspars (a rock forming crystal), when compared with other ceramic products just made of clay.

Of course people are also attracted by its beautiful flower petal patterned ribs and these signified CAFEC's special design and caring on the coffee flowing and gas release during the coffee ground extraction process to ensure that the full details of every single coffee characteristics and flavours could be fully presented.