Glocal Standard Product (GSP) Swallow Series Brewing Gear from Tsubame, Japan

The GSP coffee brewing gears are made of stainless steel and coated with enamel at Tsubame, the city which is notorious for its high and safe quality of stainless steel manufacturing products. 

GSP enamel formed a light and thin protective coating on the stainless steel gears which gives them the outstanding appearance, especially the dripper, when compared with other stainless steel products.

GSP’s brewing gears are always famous for its design and convenience for outdoor usage. This could be fully demonstrated by its high quality, handy but durable standard.

Every piece of the gears is made by artisans and therefore they are unique. Especially the Rattan Handle design has highlighted the charm of the whole Tsubame Rattan series. For sure you will have the experience on how the color of the rattan products changed over time which will further enhance the artistic taste of the gears.

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